Assign registration items to attendees

Use the Assign, Edit and Verify page to assign items purchased during National FFA Convention & Expo registration to individual attendees. Examples of purchased items include registrations, Career Success Tours, National Days of Service and other items. These items must be assigned (as well as digital waiver’s signed) before a badge can be generated.

Some assigned items will display indicators on the badge to allow access or allows the attendee entry for specific credentialed/scanned events.

To assign the items, click Assign Event Items. A pop-up screen will appear. The top of the pop-up will indicate the item type to be assigned. Choose the selection box in the row of each appropriate attendee to assign one item. Repeat this process for each purchased event item type. Click Submit when finished.

The remaining inventory of each assignable event item is listed at the top of the screen. (Quantity available to Assign)

Updated on September 22, 2023

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