FFA Box Access Issues

Please use the guide below to troubleshoot access issues with FFA documents posted to the FFA Box account.

  • All documents FFA makes public via Box are available without login
  • If you do log in to Box, the login credentials are ones you establish with Box directly and not your National FFA login credentials
  • Logging-in to Box enables additional search features within the FFA Box account
  • Try any problematic Box links with an alternate browser, computer or network

Sample error message: We’re sorry, the preview didn’t load. This document may be protected. First, test your connection to Box to see if any of the Box services are being blocked. There are four steps on that page to follow. If you get to Step 4 and need to contact Box User Services (a free Box.com account is required), you can also try these remedies while you wait for a reply:
Updated on October 1, 2018

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