Find an invite code

Use the roster system to find a member’s invite code.

Begin in the roster system under Manage Memberships to find the invite code.

Use Search to locate membership(s).

  1. Select Student or Alumni – The default is Student unless you only have Alumni roles
  2. Verify the current Membership Year is selected– The default is the current year
  3. Verify your Chapter is selected – Your chapter should be the default unless you manage multiple chapters
  4. Click Search

Use Advanced Search to narrow your search results further. Example: Search by first and last name.

With the membership(s) identified, select Member Details/Invite Code to view the Invite Code.


Members with an Invite Code have not created an login. Members with a Username have created an login.

Additional help: View usernames and invite codes, generate temporary passwords and print invitations (PDF)

Updated on September 23, 2019

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