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Determine if a member is using a social media provider to log in

Begin in the roster system under Manage Memberships. Use the Search area to locate membership(s).
  1. Select Student or Alumni – The default is Student unless you only have Alumni responsibilities
  2. Verify the current Membership Year is selected– The default is the current year

    If you have not submitted a roster for the current year, you may need to search a previous membership year.

  3. Verify your Chapter is selected – Your chapter should be the default unless you manage multiple chapters
  4. Click Search

Use the Advanced Search area to narrow your search results further. Example: Search by first and last name.

With the membership(s) identified, switch to the Member Login Info view. If a member has connected to FFA.org via a social media provider, the provider(s) will be listed in the Social Media column.

Members with an FFA.org Username or Social Media provider have a means for logging in to FFA.org. Members that only have an Invite Code have not created an FFA.org login or logged in via a social media provider.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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