Renew memberships for the CURRENT membership year

Renew memberships for returning members from the prior year.

Begin in the roster system under Manage Memberships.

Use Search and Advanced Search to locate the membership(s).

  1. Select Student or Alumni – The default is Student unless you only have Alumni responsibilities
  2. Click the Gray X Icon to clear the Membership Year field – The default is the current year
  3. Click the Gray Down Triangle Icon to open the Membership Year drop-down menu
  4. Select the most recent past Membership Year
  5. Verify your Chapter is selected – Your chapter should be the default unless you manage multiple chapters
  6. In Advanced Search, narrow your search results by one or more of the following:
    • Membership Type
    • Grade
    • FFA ID
    • First Name and Last Name – Entered partially or completely
  7. Click Search

If your search does not produce the desired results, use the additional Search and Advanced Search filters to narrow or expand your search parameters. Example: Select a different past membership year.

With the membership(s) identified, you can now renew the membership(s) for the current year.
  1. Select Membership(s) to be renewed by one of the following methods:
    • Select checkboxes to renew one or more memberships
    • Click the top-left checkbox to renew all memberships on the current page
    • Choose Select all ## memberships to renew all memberships on all pages – This option only appears when there are more than 20 memberships in the grid
  2. Scroll down to Actions
  3. Under Actions, verify the current Membership Year is selected – The default is the current year
  4. Click the Gray Down Triangle Icon to open the Membership Type drop-down menu
  5. Select a Membership Type
  6. Click Renew Membership(s)
  7. Click OK to approve the action and watch for a green success message at the top of the screen
With the membership(s) renewed, you can now submit the membership(s) for state approval.
Additional help: Renew memberships for a current, past or future membership year (PDF)
Updated on June 24, 2021

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