Using the Waiver Status Dashboard

All participants (or their parent/guardian) at the 2022 National FFA Convention & Expo must have a signed version of the digital COVID-19 and Event Participation Release and Waiver on file with the National FFA Organization to attend. No printed waivers will be accepted.

Group leaders can manage the digital waivers for their group using the Waiver Status Dashboard in the convention registration system.

Access the dashboard at any time via the link in your registration confirmation email.

The dashboard allows group leaders to view their list of attendees, access each attendee’s unique waiver link, verify that items have been assigned, re-send waiver links via email, and verify the completion status of each digital waiver.

Items highlighted in yellow are incomplete.

Items marked in green are complete.

An attendee badge will only be issued when all items are complete.

Updated on October 17, 2022

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