Vimeo Access Issues

Our resources currently permit National FFA to primarily house and deliver video content using the Vimeo platform. Occasionally, these resources are unavailable on some school networks due to content filtering. For classroom playback, the simplest work-around for this issue involves these steps:

  1. Use an alternate Internet network (such as a home connection, a tethered cell phone data connection, or a public Wi-Fi network at a local library or coffee shop)

  2. Access the video(s) on the FFA Video Center or the National FFA Vimeo channel using a desktop or laptop

  3. Use Vimeo’s download tool (located underneath each video on the FFA Video Center and on the Vimeo site) to save the file to your hard drive or a USB drive

    Note: If prompted, you can save download time and disk space by using the 720p or 1080p versions as the quality is mostly identical to the original size.

  4. Play the downloaded video file(s) in your school environment or upload them to a shared folder for individual student access.

If additional support is needed, we recommend contacting your system/network administrator to discuss alternative access to FFA videos on Vimeo. A suggested technical method for network administrators to only allow embedded Vimeo videos – such as the ones that appear on the FFA Video Center – see this article for instructions.

Updated on April 19, 2023

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