Change a membership type

As chapter leader, you can change a membership type for memberships within your authorization level.

To change membership type, the memberships must not be past your authorization level. For example, a local chapter leader can change a membership type if the membership has not been approved at the state level (i.e., submission level status is either Local or State). A state leader can change a membership type if the membership has not been approved at the national level (i.e., submission level status is either Local, State or National). Once a membership has been nationally approved, only national FFA staff can change a membership type due to potential financial implications.
More about membership types and affiliation

Membership Types

For student chapters, not all states allow multi-year memberships (i.e., Three Year and Four Year). In the Actions area, you can easily view authorized membership types in your state by selecting the Gray Down Triangle Icon for Membership Type. Membership types should be assigned in the following manner:

  • One Year: All eligible grades (i.e., Grades 5 – 16) – Most Members fall into this category
  • Three Year*: Allowed for grade 13 and member must have graduated during the previous membership year
  • Four Year*: Allowed for grade 12
  • Ag Ed Only* (optional): All eligible grades (i.e., Grades 5 – 16)

* Multi-year memberships are for a narrow subset of students. Not all states allow multi-year memberships. Availability of the multi-year and Ag Ed Only options depend on your chapter’s affiliation status.

Affiliation and membership types

For student chapters participating in the affiliation program, One Year is the only membership type allowed. Multi-year memberships (i.e., Three Year and Four Year) are not permitted. Affiliation is an ongoing, annual program based on actual student numbers and cannot be paid for in advance. In addition, all agricultural education students in an affiliated chapter are considered FFA members. As a result, Ag Ed Only is not permitted as well.

Locate memberships

Use Search and Advanced Search to locate the membership(s) to be changed.
  1. Select Student or Alumni – The default is Student unless you only have Alumni responsibilities
  2. Verify the current Membership Year is selected– The default is the current year
  3. Verify your Chapter is selected – Your chapter should be the default unless you manage multiple chapters
  4. In Advanced Search, narrow your search results by one or more of the following:
    • Membership Type
    • Submission Level Status
    • Grade
    • Roster Method
    • FFA ID
    • First Name and Last Name – Entered either partially or completely
  5. Click Search

If your search does not produce the desired results, use the Advanced Search filters to narrow or expand your search parameters.


Changing a membership type has financial implications. If the membership was previously submitted for approval with a different membership type, a membership batch with financial details would have been created. Therefore, when a membership type is changed, the membership returns to a local submission level status. Then, the membership can be resubmitted to generate a new/correct membership batch or join an existing batch awaiting state approval.

Change the membership type

With the membership(s) identified, you can now change the membership type(s).
  1. In the grid area, select Membership(s) to be changed by one of the following methods:
    • Select checkboxes to change one or more membership types
    • Click the top-left checkbox to change all membership types on the current page
    • Choose Select all ## memberships to change all membership types on all pages – This option only appears when there are more than 20 memberships
  2. In the Actions area, click the Gray Down Triangle Icon to open the Membership Type drop-down menu
  3. Select a Membership Type
  4. Click Change Membership Type
  5. Click OK to approve the action
Watch for a green success message at the top of the screen. After changing the membership type, you are ready to submit the membership for state approval. Then, you can print the membership batch details.
Updated on July 22, 2023

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