Download a blank roster template

If you have several new memberships to add, you may find it more efficient to enter them to a blank national roster template and then import them all at once. In the Add Memberships section, you can download the national roster template. Download the blank roster template in the roster system under Add Memberships.
  1. Select Student or Alumni  – The default is Student unless you only have Alumni responsibilities
  2. Click the Download Icon – A Microsoft Excel file will be generated
  3. Save the file under a name you will recognize and in a location easy to find
After downloading and saving the roster template, add memberships and then import the edited template.
The downloaded roster template is blank and will not contain any memberships. This template has built-in drop-down menus with the national-defined format

In the Manage Memberships section, you can export previous year memberships, based on your search criteria, to a national roster template. However, the exported template does not have drop-down menus with the national-defined format. For a successful import, be sure to use the national-defined format when adding new members to the exported template.

To register imported memberships successfully and efficiently, be sure to provide all national-required and state-required data points on your roster template. If a national or state-required field remains empty in the template, the system will not allow you to register the imported memberships in the Register Added Memberships section until you enter the required data points:
  • National-required data includes first name and last name, address (city, state and ZIP code), high school graduation month and year (students only)
  • State required data for student chapters varies by state. View your state’s required data on your chapter profile under Chapter Requirements (students only)
For students, not all states allow multi-year memberships (i.e., Three Year and Four Year). You can easily view authorized membership types in your state by selecting the drop-down menu for Membership Type. Membership types should be assigned the following way:
  • One Year: All eligible grades (i.e., Grades 5 – 16) – Most Members fall into this category
  • Three Year*: Allowed for grade 13 and member must have graduated during the previous membership year
  • Four Year*: Allowed for grade 12
  • Ag Ed Only*(optional): All eligible grades (i.e., Grades 5 – 16)
* Multi-year memberships are for a narrow subset of students. Not all states allow multi-year memberships. Availability of the multi-year and Ag Ed Only options depend on your chapter’s affiliation status.
For student chapters participating in the affiliation program, One Year is the only membership type allowed. Multi-year memberships (i.e., Three Year and Four Year) are not permitted. Affiliation is an ongoing annual program based on actual student numbers and cannot be paid for in advance. In addition, all agricultural education students in an affiliated chapter are considered FFA members. As a result, Ag Ed Only is not permitted as well.
Updated on July 22, 2023

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