Import multiple memberships

Rather than adding memberships individually to your roster, use the import roster tool to upload bulk membership entries and the corresponding data to the roster system. Use the blank national roster template or an exported roster spreadsheet for a successful import. Be sure to use the national-defined format when entering data points in the spreadsheet.

Some data points are required to officially register your imported memberships in the Register Added Memberships section. To register imported memberships successfully and efficiently, be sure to provide all national-required and state-required data points on your roster template.

For student chapters, not all states allow multi-year memberships (i.e., Three Year and Four Year). You can easily view authorized membership types in your state by selecting the drop-down menu for Change Membership Type. Membership types should be assigned the following manner:

  • One Year: Grades 7 – 16 are eligible
  • Three Year (optional): Grade 13 AND the member graduated during the most recent membership year (Availability is based on your state’s preference and/or your chapter’s affiliation status)
  • Four Year (optional): Grades 12 (Availability is based on your state’s preference and/or your chapter’s affiliation status)
  • Ag Ed Only (optional): Grades 7 – 16 are eligible (Availability is based on your chapter’s affiliation status)

For student chapters participating in the affiliation program, One Year is the only membership type allowed. Multi-year memberships (i.e., Three Year and Four Year) are not permitted. Affiliation is an ongoing annual program based on actual student numbers and cannot be paid for in advance. In addition, all agricultural education students in an affiliated chapter are considered FFA members. As a result, Ag Ed Only is not permitted as well.


Do not add or delete columns in the national roster template or use a format that does not match the national-defined format. This could prevent data from being imported successfully.

With your roster template edited, you can now import the memberships in the Add Memberships section.

  1. Go to Add Memberships
  2. Click Browse or Choose File – Depends on your internet browser
  3. Click Import. Watch for a green success message at the top of the screen.

If data import is unsuccessful, check your edited import roster file for formatting issues before attempting again.

Additional help: Download the national template, add memberships and import (PDF) Export prior year memberships to a national template, edit/add memberships and import (PDF)

Updated on June 24, 2021

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