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Add additional attendees to an existing registration

To add additional attendees to an existing National FFA Convention & Expo registration, click the Assign Attendee Names and Items link in your registration confirmation email to access the registration system. If necessary, log in with your FFA.org username and password associated with the registration.

Once logged in, click the Assign/Edit Attendees button. Close any pop-up windows that may appear, and click Add Additional Attendees.

For each new attendee, add last name, first name, email address, FFA membership number (very important: enter “NA into the FFA Membership Number box if they do not have an FFA ID), specify if the attendee is under the age of 18, and select the attendee type.

Select Save and Continue when complete.

When all additional attendees have been added, click Save and Submit.

Updated on October 17, 2022

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