Add additional attendees to an existing registration

To add additional attendees to an existing National FFA Convention & Expo registration, click the Assign Attendee Names and Items link in your registration confirmation email to access the registration system. If necessary, log in with your username and password associated with the registration.

Once logged in, click the Assign/Edit Attendees button.

At the Attendee Details screen, you may view your existing attendees and add additional attendees. Click the plus icon to add an attendee and fill out all fields. Click the Validate button, then Save & Continue.

Note: Registrations with 120 or more existing attendees will not see the above grid and must be added through an alternate method. See below.

For each new attendee, add last name, first name, email address, specify if the attendee is under the age of 18, FFA membership number (very important: enter “NA into the FFA Membership Number box if they do not have an FFA ID), and select the attendee type.

For Chapter registrations, you can start typing the name of an attendee on your chapter roster, then pause for a few seconds and the names from your roster will appear. Select the name, and the name fields, email address, and FFA ID fields will be populated for you.You must select if the attendee is under 18 and the Attendee Type.

If you add too many empty rows, you can remove the row by clicking the “Number of Rows” drop-down selector, and choose the exact number of attendees on the grid. Note: Selecting less rows than the number of existing attendees will not cancel those registrations. You may cancel any completed registrations on the next screen.

Once you complete the Attendee Details page, the very next page will present a pop-up window, which serves to assign registration items. Close out of this pop-up window by clicking the X icon in the bottom right corner.

When all additional attendees have been added, click Save and Submit which will send the digital waiver link to the email address of the new attendee(s).

Follow these instructions if you still have registration items to assign.

Registrations with 120 or more existing attendees must click the “Add Additional Attendee” button which will appear below the Attendee listing. This results in additional attendee names being added individually.

Updated on October 4, 2023

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