How to buy concert and rodeo tickets

Ticket sales for the FFA concert and rodeos at the 2023 National FFA Convention & Expo begin Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 6 p.m. EDT.

1. Find your Offer Code

Your Offer Code is the middle seven digits of your Registration Code found on your National FFA Convention & Expo registration confirmation email after you complete a registration transaction. Your offer code is unique and can be used for multiple transactions.

Click the private link in your Registration Confirmation email to access the concert and rodeo Ticketmaster sales pages. Choose your event.


Create or sign-in to your Ticketmaster account in advance for easier transactions.

3. Enter your Offer Code

The Offer Code will unlock available tickets.

4. Select your seats

Click any blue section to zoom in and see available seats. Seats that are available appear as blue circles. Unavailable seats are light gray. Click each circle to add a seat to your cart. Green checkmarks will indicate your selected seats. Only 50 seats can be purchased in one transaction. If you need more tickets, perform multiple transactions.

5. Choose your payment method

Use a Ticketmaster-accepted form of payment to complete your transaction, such as a Credit / Debit Card, PayPal or Ticketmaster Gift Card. Be mindful of the time limit displayed in the top right of the screen. Select Place Order to complete your transaction and purchase your tickets.


Prior to completing your transaction, you have the option to select Event Ticket Insurance for an additional charge per ticket. Learn more about Event Ticket Insurance.

6. Enjoy the show

All digital tickets will be delivered to your Ticketmaster account on or after Wednesday, Oct. 4. This could result in you receiving a Delivery Delay notification from Ticketmaster. As long as you complete your transaction and receive a purchase confirmation, your tickets are secure.

Updated on July 24, 2023

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