View membership batch details

With the membership(s) submitted for approval, you can view details for each batch on-screen. Additionally, you can print the membership batch detail, which summarizes the financial breakdown of the batch and includes a list of associated memberships.

Begin in the roster system under Manage Batches.

Who receives an official invoice from National FFA?

The official National FFA Organization invoice is sent to and paid by the state FFA association and/or state FFA alumni association. However, there are two exceptions:

  1. For student chapters, one state (Idaho) is currently participating in a pilot program for invoice service. For Idaho, the official National FFA Organization invoice is sent to and paid by the chapter.

    This pilot program will be ending after the 2021-2022 membership year.

  2. For alumni chapters, the state FFA alumni association can choose to have their chapter leaders pay for membership batches using PayPal. States utilizing PayPal will not receive an official invoice from the National FFA Organization.
Batches View:
The default view is Batches. In the Batches view, all chapter leaders can do the following:
  • Click either the Batch ID or Magnifying Glass Icon to view individual memberships associated with a batch
  • View the Submission Level Status for a batch
  • View the Last Approval date for a batch
  • View the total number of Memberships associated with a batch
  • If the submission level status is Approved, view the official Invoice Number from the National FFA Organization
  • Hover your mouse cursor over the Invoice # for additional information
  • View the total amount of Dues for the batch
  • Hover your mouse cursor over Dues to see a summary by state and national
  • Click the Disapprove Icon to Disapprove a batch within your authorization level

The official invoice may include membership batches for multiple chapters, which is reflected in the invoice amount.

Alumni chapter leaders can do the following:
  • View which batches have been paid using PayPal, indicated by the
  • Click the  to pay for a batch using PayPal

Your state FFA alumni association may or may not allow payments via PayPal. Verify with your state.

Details View:
In the Details view, you can view a summary of memberships by Membership Type.
Additional help: View/print batch details and/or disapprove a batch (PDF with screenshots)
Updated on June 25, 2021

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