Convention Emergency Contacts

Control Center ICC 116

Emergency Ops EOC ICC 116

FFA Newsroom LOS Press Box

Incident Command

Mandy Hazlett

Andretta Erickson

Christine White

Marty Peterson

Julie Woodard

Kristy Meyer

In Emergency, dial 911

Public Information Officer

Kristy Meyer

Larry Downes

Advocate Group

Scott Stump

Christine White

Communications Operations

Kristy Meyer

Julie Woodard

Larry Downes

Logistics Group

Holly Nahre

See Trail Mackey

Ambra Tennery

Ground Transportation

Karen Hutchinson

Ben Meyer

Kim Bellah

Jill Wagner

EOC ICC 116 Group

Ambra Tennery

Celya Glowacki

Rebecca Carter

General Contacts

Convention Management

Mandy Hazlett

Convention Liasons

Scott Stump CEO

Molly Ball FDN President

Dr. Travis Park Nat’l Adv

Madeline Young Agriscience

Emily Hockema Profic Awards/American Degree

Melissa Higdon GF/ICC

Morissa Meehan CDE/ISF

Katie Riden b/c/t/CC

Joe Martin Delegates

Tiffany Hale Expo

Randy Butcher Parking/Shipping

Kristy Meyer Newsroom

Jeremiah Alger Registration

Convention Event Hotels

Crown Plaza/Union Station

Embassy Suites Downtown

Hilton Downtown

Hyatt Regency

JW Marriott


Omni Severin


Convention Offices

Control Center ICC 116

Control Center (Emergency Ops) ICC 116

Agriscience Office

CDE HQ (Grand Hall)

Courtesy Corps/Lost and Found ICC 111

Newsroom (LOS, Press Box)

Main Reg (ICC, Hall A)(Jeremiah Alger)

Exhibitor Reg(Tiffany Hale)

FDN Hospitality Room(JW Marriott)(Diana Hirneisen)

CST Office (ICC, Conf. Room West)

Shuttle Office (ICC, Conf. Room West)

Indianapolis Housing ICC 116

National FFA Center

Updated on August 9, 2023

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