Navigating the profile and roster system

Top Navigation Menu

The top navigation drop-down menu provides quick access to other locations within the roster and profile systems. Hold your mouse over items in the drop-down menus to view a summary of available actions. Click an item in the drop-down menu to go there.
View and/or edit your personal information, student chapter information and/or alumni chapter information.
Manage your memberships, register for an alumni membership and/or register as a chapter leader.
Application Center
Go to the Application Center for American Degree, SAE Grant, Proficiency, Star Battery and National Agriscience Fair applications. Perform a nationwide search for chapter and state profiles.

Side Navigation Menu

The side navigation menu lists all available sections within your level of authorization. Hold your mouse over section titles to view a summary of available actions. Click a section title to go to that section.

Updated on July 22, 2023

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